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    The ABO represents the collective interests of professional orchestras, youth ensembles and the wider classical music industry throughout the UK.

    CORONAVIRUS UPDATE - Tuesday 28 April

    Our latest communication to members was sent out on Tuesday 28 April. If you did not receive this, a copy can be found in the Advice and Factsheets section of the Members Area along with other resources that members may find useful during this time.

    News and press

    The Impact of COVID-19 on the UK's Orchestras

    The success of the UK's creative industries is now under threat as a result of the impacts of COVID-19. The ABO has released this document summarising important asks to the UK Government that will directly impact the industry's return to business. The ABO welcomes parliamentarians raising these issues and would be happy to provide any further information that may be required. Please contact Mark Pemberton.


    The ABO has published its latest factsheet on Brexit, which outlines likely scenarios for immigration and touring at the end of the Implementation Period.

    ABO Announces 2020 Awards

    The ABO has announced the winner of the 2020 ABO Award. Also announced at the ABO Conference in Manchester and Salford were the recipients of the ABO/Classical Music awards.

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    Specialist managers meetings

    SMMs are one of the ABO’s key services that are most valued by members.
    Each group of managers meets twice a year to discuss topical issues and hear from pertinent speakers.

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